Civil eService

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To meet the requirements of rule 2.5.16 where documents are required or permitted to be served by email, use the following addresses:

Please do not send electronic service of court documents directly to individual Assistant State Attorneys.

  1. The email subject line must contain “SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT” in all capital letters followed by the case number in the Uniform Case Number format.
    1. The body of the email must include:
      1. The court in which the proceeding is pending.
      2. The case number.
      3. The name of the initial party on each side.
      4. The title of each document served.
      5. The sender’s name and telephone number.
  2. Pleadings must be attached to the email and must be in PDF format.
  3. The email and attachments together may not exceed five megabytes in size; emails exceeding the size requirement must be divided into separate emails and labeled sequentially in the subject line.

Complete opinion from the Florida Supreme Court